League of Legends Hack 2014


Hello everyone! As every week I return to you with a new application. Today I would like to introduce you to the League of Legends Hack 2014. The game has about 75 million registered users around the world. Such a number of players for sure does not help new players. In facilitating the game will definitely help League of Legends Hack 2014. Read more for more informations.

League of Legends is combining elements of RTS and arcade network battle game belongs to the initiated by the mod Defense of the Ancients MOBA genre. Opposite each other are two teams and each task is to destroy the central building in the enemy base. The whole model is based on a free, supplemented by voluntary micropayments. Thanks to the League of Legends Hack 2014 you don’t have to buy RP points. With this application you can add it for free.
League of Legends Hack 2014

League of Legends Hack 2014




League of Legends Hack 2014 Features:

League of Legends 2014 is a multihack which includes:

1. Riot Points and Influence Points hack

2. All Champions unlock hack

3. All Skins unlock hack

4. Anti-Ban system which guarantees that you will not be banned.

League of Legends Hack 2014 Video:

How to use League of Legends Hack 2014:

1. Download League of Legends Hack 2014 from link below.

2. Unpack .RAR archive.

3. Open League of Legends Hack 2014.exe.

4. In the Login menu enter your username and password and click „Login!”.

5. In the RP & IP Hack menu ender how much RP Points and IP Points you want to ad and click „Start!” and wait a moment.

6. In the All Champions Hack click „Unlock All Champions!” and wait for confirmation.

7. In the All Skins Hack menu click „Unlock All Skins!”and also wait for confirmation.

8. That’s it. Changes on your account you will see in less than 30 minutes.

Download League of Legends Hack 2014:

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Last download:

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10 comments to League of Legends Hack 2014

  • eddy112  says:

    Awesome tool. Thanks

  • jimmy  says:


  • bigg  says:

    Great work. Hack works perfectly ;)

  • lfc_!  says:

    Amazing! RP were added after 10 minutes

  • addam  says:

    This is what a was looking for :)

  • dix  says:

    ʜi, I log on to your blog daily. Your story-telling style is witty, keep up the good work!

  • uniqe  says:


  • player  says:

    10/10! Great tool man!

  • Pounder  says:

    Works brilliant ;)

  • oscar  says:

    Oh man it’s great ;)

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